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  • Aug 28, 1843

    Foundation to Liverpool from Baggot St - M Liguori Gibson

  • Aug 28, 1928

    Responsibility for Hammond, Indiana Institutions assumed by Grand Rapids Community - M Alphonsus Lefevre, M Reginald Dexter

  • Aug 28, 1929

    Amalgamation of nine Mercy Provinces in the USA

  • Aug 28, 1929

    Please change your calendar: Amalgamation Day is August 28, 1929, NOT August 28 as in the calendar

  • Aug 28, 1929

    5000+ Sisters of Mercy in the United States formed the Sisters of Mercy of the Union

  • Aug 28, 1993

    Albury Sisters, New South Wales, moved from original convent into units

  • Aug 29, 1882

    Convent opened in Boorowa, New South Wales from Goulburn

  • Aug 29, 1983

    Foundation to Kipkelion, Ireland from Kerry Union

  • Aug 30, 1866

    Convent at Douglas, Isle of Man founded from Liverpool.