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  • Sep 02, 1984

    Foundation to Chepareria from Cloyne

  • Sep 03, 1849

    Opening of first Pension school, Perth, Western Australia - M Ursula Frayne

  • Sep 03, 1926

    Mission to New Mexico from Grand Rapids

  • Sep 04, 1857

    Wigton Convent, Cumbria founded from Bermondsey - Sr Joseph Orpwood

  • Sep 04, 1874

    Foundation to Hazelton from Buffalo - M Theresa Cantillon

  • Sep 04, 2000

    150 years of Sisters of Mercy service in ANZ is celebrated. Celebrations attended by guests from throughout the Mercy world include gifting of a Sacred Space & bronze sculpture to Auckland.

  • Sep 05, 1878

    Pioneer newspaper in Big Rapids, Michigan announced that a Catholic academy was being built in town; Michigan administration moved here from Grand Rapids.

  • Sep 06, 1875

    Opening of St Joseph Academy, Cedar Rapids

  • Sep 07, 1956

    Two Filipina women began novitiate, St Maries of the Isle, Cork