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September 19

Today's Mercy Quote is…

The beauty of community can be recognised when we gather together and share.

Kathleen M Smith

  • September 20

    We have ever confided largely in Divine Providence and shall continue to do so.

    Catherine McAuley

  • September 21

    We are your ears to hear the children’s cry of every race.

    Suzanne Toolan

  • September 21

    "Like Mary, we can experience the consoling tenderness of our merciful God and the wild, wonderful, surprising joy of God’s spirit."

    Sr Nerida Tinkler rsm

  • September 22

    The bishop of Cork urged at a profession in 1837 that they add a fourth vow - the service of the poor, the sick and the ignorant - as both integral to their dedication and descriptive of it.

    Joanna Regan and Isabelle Keiss

  • September 23

    Love simply shares, gives and receives freely.

    Kathleen Williams

  • September 24

    The dignity of our Blessed Lady is expressed in the one title – mother of God.

    'Familiar Instructions'

  • September 25

    It was women who first spread the Easter message. What if they had kept silent?

    Janette Gray

  • September 26

    Good manners add to the value of good works.

    Catherine McAuley

  • September 27

    Come! Be hands of healing, hearts of caring, freeing the winter captive world.

    Maria Cordis Richey