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July 18

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She thought the world would be a happy place if people’s manners were as good as their hearts.

Mary Austin Carroll

  • July 28

    We should praise and bless the hand that wounds us.

    Catherine McAuley

  • July 29

    We must bear all and work while we are young…

    M Agatha Murphy

  • July 30

    When we grow old we will walk in the garden and laugh at the hardships of today.

    M Agatha Murphy

  • July 31

    We savour the stories of the founding women…to search for imagine how their creativity and courage might open the future to us.

    Deb Manasse

  • August 01

    Sadness lessens the value of works performed in God’s name, for God loves a cheerful giver.

    Catherine McAuley

  • August 02

    Reflected faith experiences and shared concerns deepen our sense of commitment to the mission of mercy in whatever way God calls us.

    M Carmela Cabactulan

  • August 03

    Catherine seems to have been enlarging our heart space, readying us to embrace in mutual affection our multi-cultural sisterhood.

    Mary Trainer

  • August 04

    For Catherine, Mercy in the form of a compassionate practical response to need was where she believed she was called by God.

    Brenda Dolphin

  • August 05

    The Lord is master of his own gifts.

    M Cecilia Maher