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September 19

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The beauty of community can be recognised when we gather together and share.

Kathleen M Smith

  • September 28

    The Holy Spirit opens up new visions of community, breaking down cultural barriers.

    Marina Tu’inukuafe

  • September 29

    Catherine McAuley was primarily a woman of prayer, of prudence and of foresight.

    Angela Bolster

  • September 30

    In carrying out our works of mercy, we are impelled to work for justice.

    Bernadine Daly

  • October 01

    You should remember that not to advance is to go back, and reflect each day what you can do more to attract God's love and friendship than you did the day before.

    Catherine McAuley

  • October 02

    Prayer was her delight and her refuge in all trials.

    M Clare Moore

  • October 03

    Connectedness across the world can sustain us in our local on-going struggle for mercy and justice.

    Jan Geason

  • October 04

    Catherine was a great enemy of that spirit of sadness and discontent which destroys true devotion.

    M Vincent Harnett

  • October 05

    Let us pray well and never grow weary.

    Catherine McAuley

  • October 06

    Mercy responds always to the cutting edge of human misery.

    M Joanna Regan