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October 22

Today's Mercy Quote is…

No virtue is perfect without prudence.

Catherine McAuley

  • November 09

    If we are humble and sincere God will finish in us the work He has begun, He never refuses His grace to those who ask it.

    Catherine McAuley

  • November 10

    Catherine led the way in education and in health. Her goals were clear – the ordinary service to the poor done extraordinarily well.

    Carmel Bourke

  • November 11

    Her first and last injunction to all was to preserve union and peace amongst each other - that if they did they would enjoy great happiness such as that they would wonder where it came from.

    Elizabeth Moore

  • November 12

    Humility is the medial barrier between zeal and ambition.

    M Lawrence Franklin

  • November 13

    It comforts me exceedingly to hear you are happy.

    Catherine McAuley

  • November 14

    We should find our hearts so penetrated with the love of God….that our actions are less performed by ourselves than by the love within us.

    M Frances Warde

  • November 15

    The Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy, ... so far from separating them from the love of God, unite them more closely to Him and render them more valuable in His holy service.

    'The Spirit of the Institute'

  • November 16

    We should praise and bless the hand that wounds us and exhibit to all around us a calm, quiet appearance and manner.

    Catherine McAuley

  • November 17

    Joy is the lustre of self-denial – it is love’s sweet intimacy.

    Mary Schmidt