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February 20

Today's Mercy Quote is…

…each is given a time and a place which belongs to no one else.

M Emily George

  • March 10

    Our foundress…always did what the circumstances of each place required in order to bring mercy to the poor.

    M Austin Carroll

  • March 11

    Take what He will from us, He still leaves His holy peace.

    Catherine McAuley

  • March 12

    The followers of Catherine...were impelled by the gift of dynamic zeal from the Holy Spirit and the gentle enlightenment…of Christ, the Divine Light.

    M Hermenia Muldrey

  • March 13

    Show your instructions in your actions as much as you can.

    Catherine McAuley

  • March 14

    Tenderness is a quality of nobility, a mark of sensitivity; it is the signature of mercy.

    M Silverius Shields

  • March 15

    Among the many natural virtues inherent in M McAuley’s character, I should say that sincerity held first place.

    M Paul Xavier Warde

  • March 16

    Often burnished as gold in the fire, Catherine came forth…more compassionate, more possessed by God.

    M Joanna Regan

  • March 17

    The best way to regard all happenings is as designed or at least permitted by God.

    M Patricia O’Neill

  • March 18

    Get all the prayers you can for me - that I may get through this new business as well as I can.

    Catherine McAuley