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September 19

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The beauty of community can be recognised when we gather together and share.

Kathleen M Smith

  • October 16

    Compassion….the flame of mercy. Compassion enkindles the flame of mercy.

    Lucille Ciafre

  • October 17

    Of the sisters in the Crimea it was recorded that ‘they did more than medicine’. To do more than medicine is still a challenge.

    Jan Geason

  • October 18

    Close to God, all is peace and contentment.

    M Frances Warde

  • October 19

    Catherine told us “…not only to obey the will of God, but to love it with our whole heart."

    M Vincent Harnett

  • October 20

    See how quietly the great God does all his mighty works.

    Catherine McAuley

  • October 21

    For Catherine, holiness was bound up with the works of mercy.

    M Joanna Regan

  • October 22

    No virtue is perfect without prudence.

    Catherine McAuley

  • October 23

    May God’s will be ever adored and blessed.

    M Cecilia Maher

  • October 24

    Let us set our hearts on him who lives forever.

    M Cecilia Maher