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Opposing Human Trafficking

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Educate yourself and Act on the Issue of Human Trafficking

Here are  some ways you can inform yourself about the issue of human trafficking and take action:

  • Consult the current (2016) Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report to find out how well your country is doing in its efforts to address the issue
  • Measure your slavery footprint and determine your participation in modern-day slavery (as quantified by your consumption of items created by forced labour and child labour.)
  • Shop for more eco-friendly, ethical products that support the growth of social responsibility and ethical businesses, as well as a more sustainable, just society.
  • Discover who made the clothes you wear and help transform the fashion industry into a force for good
  • Choose fairtrade products to help ensure that producers in the developing world receive fairer prices and better working conditions
  • Purchase ethically sourced (no child labour) Chocolate products
  • Be aware of goods produced using forced labour and child labour

Image: iStock. Used under licence