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Report from Mercy Investments

September 30, 2017

Mercy Investment Services (MIS) work in the area of Human Trafficking

So much attention has been paid to the issue of trafficking in the last few months here. Legislation moves slowly but we are still hopeful that a bill will be completed on the Business Supply Chain Transparency Act. In the meantime we are engaging hotels, trucking companies and airlines to either join the Ecpat code or work with Truckers Against Trafficking. We did have a big win when American Airlines joined the code in the early summer. We continue to ask each of the airlines to bring the issue to their broader partner airlines but have not yet been successful. If you haven't seen the short YouTube that Ecpat put out called Meet Emma, it is available here

On the labor front we have continued to work to push for ethical recruitment practices in conjunction with the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR). A best practice guide for ethical recruitment of migrant workers has been published  and shared with all the companies that Mercy engages. A short video called Stand with Sanju addresses child labor (often trafficked or indentured) in the carpet industry.

Messages to: Pat Zerega - Senior Director of Shareholder Advocacy