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Report from Newfoundland

October 1, 2017

Projects happening within our province:

Over the past months I have been involved in preparing a power point presentation on human trafficking. I was asked to provide an education and awareness session to the clergy of one of our dioceses. I used slides, hymns, prayers and creative pictures in the power point. Part 1 focussed on facts/figures and Part 11 on the response of the church. Part 11 evoked a spirited discussion in terms of the response of the church. Most of the clergy were from Africa and the realities of human trafficking in their country is so different from what is happening in Canada.

Our Newfoundland and Labrador Coatltion Against Human Trafficking is preparing training sessions for police officials, border officials, first responders etc. within their busy province.p

A subgroup of the Coalition is busy preparing signage for our local busses. This will be a great way to bring attention to this issue.

I have been invited to speak to a group known as The Catholic Women's League on the issue of marginalized women in our city.

An emergency meeting was called this week with representatives from various stakeholders due to an increase in young prostitution within the city. Police officials especially have expressed grave concerns over this information.
I am in the process of preparing a workshop in the New Year on the topic of human trafficking.

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