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Report on Trafficking in Persons – South Africa – January 2017 – May 2017

May 17, 2017

The following activities have taken place this year:

1. The NICTIP (National Inter- Sectoral Committee for Trafficking In Persons) has not yet finalized the draft National Policy Framework on Combating of Trafficking in Persons. The meeting of the committee, which will take place next week, will try to get the Policy tabled in parliament at its next sitting.

2. The Counter Trafficking in Persons Office (CTIP) of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference held a campaign in honour of St Bakita on 9th February the Pretoria CBD. This awareness-raising venture included churches, NGOs, schools and local authorities.

3. There have been two meetings of the TIP Rapid Response Team. Progress is being made in training the new employees of the different stakeholder departments. Constant training is necessary so that all involved take responsibility in the process of rescue, protection and prosecution.

4. Because of the political climate in SA at the moment, Mercy House has decided not to have any marches or rallies against TIP this year. Instead we are raising awareness in schools and women’s groups.

5. The Department of Social Development has facilitated training workshops on TIP for social workers and the staff members of shelters. The Organisation for Immigration has run a training workshop on irregular migration and identification of TIP victims.

6. During the reporting period, Mercy House has sheltered 9 victims of TIP – 5 South Africans, 1 Zimbabwean, 3 Thais.

- Colleen Wilkinson rsm