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Updates on the Intergovernmental Negotiations Towards a Global Compact on Migration

Reports: June 15, 2018

The fourth round in May began with completing a read through of the Draft Rev 1 followed by an opportunity to have a practical discussion surrounding some migration policy areas that had  been left unsettled such as "international cooperation and capacity building", "pathways for regular migration/regularization", "natural disasters, climate change and migration", and "fundamental human rights and spectrum of services" to name a few. With these areas debated, the Co-facilitators were able to prepare a revised version of the text to be negotiated during the fifth round of negotiations which took place last week.

The Draft Rev 2 was presented and sent to UN Member States for a read through discussion; Co-Facilitators were confident that this is the best version of the text so far. This draft outlined better commitments and a clear delineation with categories. The text presents language to appease all Member States; there is a 23rd objective on international cooperation, distinction between refugees and migrants, clarity with documents that can be used for legal identity, describes human rights in the spectrum of basic services and provisions, and looks at migration with all of its dimensions, especially with voluntary return and reintegration.

As of now, there is one remaining round of negotiations towards a Global Compact on Migration. After this session, the Co-Facilitators will release the final draft of the text for adoption. The Global Compact on Migration will be adopted this December in Morocco. To read more about this process click here!

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