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March 22, Edition 713

Water for the World: A Reflection on World Water Day 2017 by Mary C Sullivan rsm |  MIA Prayer Intention: for Peru |  A Snapshot of Mercy Global Action at the UN participating in CSW 61 |  MGA Leaflet on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #6 Now Available |  Water Reflection: An MGA at the UN Series |  MIRP Meeting of Guiding Team and Coordinators |  Stage 4 MIRP Report NL-RSM-14 Baggot Street Associates (Newfoundland) |  Report on Stage 4 MIRP (Great Britain Union) |  Resources for Earth Day from Catholic Climate Covenant  |  Boundary Crossings: A Reflection on John 4: 1-42 |  Mercy Poets on World Poetry Day |  Acting ‘Glocally’ on Water: Taking inspiration from Mercy Global Action in Bathurst (ISMAPNG) |  Ritual for Use on World Water Day (The Congregation) |  Worth |  4th Sunday of Lent Year A (John 9:1-41) |  Water |  Works of Mercy 6: To Give Drink to the Thirsty |  Poem-a-day |  On This Day |  Mercy By The Sea Retreat and Conference Centre, Long Island Sound, USA | 

March 15, Edition 712

In Solidarity Against Racism: Ring the Bells This St Patrick's Day Weekend (17-19 March) |  Final Reminder: Register for YML Pilgrimage 2017 by 17 March |  MIA Prayer Intention: Humanitarian Crisis |  Earth Hour |  GCCM Webinar: Mercy2Earth |  Stage 4 Report from NL-RSM-20, Huarmey Peru (Newfoundland) |  Stage 4 Report from NL-RSM- 1 (Newfoundland) |  Women@theWell Member of Holy See Panel at CSW61 |  An Ecological Reading of Matthew's Gospel: Part 2 (ISMAPNG)  |  Worth Reading |  'The Story of Microfibers' - from the People who Brought Us 'The Story of 'Stuff' |  Beeline Reader Makes Online Reading Easier |  New Mercy Resource: 'Union and Charity' |  Third Sunday of Lent Year A (John 4:5-42) |  Knowles Mercy Spirituality Centre, Nebraska, USA |  On This Day | 

March 08, Edition 711

Be Bold For Change: International Womens Day 2017 |  Mercy in Joint Statement to Commission on the Status of Women (CSW61) |  MGA Leaflet on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #5 Now Available |  Reminder: Register for YML Pilgrimage 2017 by 17 March |  More Lenten Resources: Prayer, Poems, Artworks, Essays and More |  CETA Trade Agreement Approved by European Parliament |  MIA Prayer Intention: Needs of Women and Children |  Stage 4 Report from Portland Maine Group (Americas) |  Mercy Part of GCCM Initiative '#Mercy2Earth' |  Report from Offaly/North Tipperary MIRP Group (The Congregation) |  Report from He Waka Tiaki Team (Aotearoa New Zealand) |  Prophets in Our Time: How Do We Rate? (Aotearoa New Zealand) |  My Iona Experience (The Congregation) |  Scripture with Kathleen Rushton rsm (Aotearoa New Zealand) |  Institute Joins Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) Australian Interfaith Appeal (ISMAPNG) |  Worth Reading |  Gender Gap Index |  Passport for Humanity |  Second Sunday of Lent Year A (Matthew 17:1-9) |  On This Day |  Casa McAuley Argentina |  Pope Francis: 'Consult the Bible as often as your cellphone' | 

March 01, Edition 710

'Opening the doors to all those in need': Pope Francis’ 2017 Lenten Message |  MIA Prayer Intention for the Coming Week: Ash Wednesday and Commencement of Lent |  Understanding Advocacy; Mercy at the United Nations. (the perspective from a Sister of Mercy of Aotearoa New Zealand) |  Catherine's Canonisation Cause: Prayer Requests |  Updated: New, Free, Online Resources to Use During the Lenten Season: 1 March - 13 April |  9 Days of Prayer for Protectors of Mother Earth (Americas) |  Mercy Young Adults Report on MIRP Stage 4 (Aotearoa New Zealand) |  Report on Stage 4 from the Limerick MIRP Group (The Congregation) |  Stage 4 Report from Chimbote Peru MIRP Group (Americas) |  Passport for Humanity |  Mercy’s Long History of Honoring Diverse Backgrounds (Americas) |  Q & A with Sr. Consilio Fitzgerald, Helping Those Caught in the Web of Addiction (the Congregation) |  Love and Dementia: Small Acts of Love (ISMAPNG) |  Sisters of Mercy Celebrate 70 Years on Guam (Americas) |  Celebrations Planned to Mark 160 Years Since the Arrival of the Sisters of Mercy in Melbourne (ISMAPNG) |  Worth Reading |  On This Day |  Stations of Mercy online |  First Sunday of Lent Year A (Matthew 4:1-11) |  God's Mercy is Infinite |  If Literature’s Biggest Romantics Could Text |  Our Lady of the Pines Retreat Center, Ohio, USA | 

February 22, Edition 709

Sr Patricia's Legacy: SafeGround |  Programs this Year at MIC: Ethos Pilgrimage for partners-in-Mercy |  New, Free, Online Resources to Use During the Lenten Season: 1 March - 13 April |  MIA Prayer Intention: Famine in South Sudan |  Invitation: Participate in the Third Lenten Fast for Climate Justice on 22 March 2017 |  Mercies in Ireland Welcome Historic Passing of 'Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Bill 2015’  |  Help Make a Difference - Make Your Chocolate Fair Trade This Easter and All Year Round |  Resource: Green Christian Monthly Prayer Guide |  Stage 4 Report from Eblana Ave MIRP Group (The Congregation) |  Report from the 'Super Eight' Group (Aotearoa New Zealand) |  Stage 4 Report from The Evergreens Group, Dublin (The Congregation) |  Build Bridges Not Walls (Americas) |  Preparing for Chapter 2017 (Newfoundland) |  The Wednesday Poem: To the Sun (The Congregation) |  Becoming a Nurse in South Sudan (Americas) |  In Support of Nuclear Abolition (Americas) |  Tech Awards Give Mercy Momentum at National Health Conference (Americas) |  Worth |  On This Day |  8th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A (Matthew 6:24-34) |  New Mercy Resource: Nurturing A Merciful Heart |  World Bank's New Data Portal |  Reflection |  St. Mary's Medical Center (San Francisco) | 

February 15, Edition 708

Mercy Congregations Call on Government to Resettle Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Australia (Australia) |  Programs this Year at MIC: Come Home to Catherine |  MIA Prayer Intention: End to Drought in Kenya & the Region |  The Essential Message of Laudato Si' |  Stage 4 Report from Parish Group St John Bosco Engadine (Parramatta Congregation) |  Mercy Rejects Decision to Proceed with Pipeline Construction Near Tribal Lands (Americas) |  Gary Airport Used to Deport Immigrants in the U.S. Illegally (Americas) |  Give Your Cloak As Well (Aotearoa New Zealand) |  The Challenge of Homelessness (The Congregation) |  Mercy's Hope for the Year: Sustainable Development for All (ANZ) |  With Cardinal Turkson in Saint Peter’s (The Congregation, Americas) |  Worth |  On This Day |  The Correspondence of Mother Vincent Whitty 1839 to 1892 |  8 Awesome Microsoft Word Hacks You Need to Know About |  7th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A (Matthew 5:38-48) |  On Mercy |  Romero Centre Brisbane - Mercy Community Services , Queensland | 

February 08, Edition 707

Third World Day of Prayer, Reflection and Action Against Trafficking in Persons  |  Prayer for World Day of the Sick: 11th February |  MIA Prayer Intention: Responding to Victims of Human Trafficking  |  CAFOD Invites us to Have a (Green) Heart |  Stage 4 MIRP Report from Grace Cottage Group St. Ives, Parish, NSW (Parramatta) |  St Vincent's Convent Galway Stage 4 MIRP Report (The Congregation) |  Report of Stage 4 of the MIRP Oldham/Liverpool Group (GB Institute) |  #Youarewelcomehere : Message from Mercy Colleges and Universities (Americas) |  Human Trafficking: Mercy Nurses Trained to Spot Modern-Day Slavery (Americas) |  Mercy Pilgrimage to Auschwitz (The Congregation) |  Student’s Kindness, Outpouring of Support Helps Syrian Families Feel at Home in Rhode Island (Americas) |  Further Resources |  The Gear You Need to Make Your iPad Your Only Computer |  Educate yourself and Act on the Issue of Human Trafficking |  6th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A (Matthew 5:17-37) |  Reflection |  On This Day |  Mercyhurst University, Erie, Pennsylvania (Americas) | 

February 01, Edition 706

Mercy in Joint Submission to 55th Session of the Commission for Social Development  |  MIA Prayer Intention: World Interfaith Harmony Week (1-7 February) |  Programs this Year at MIC: Watering the Roots at the Wellsprings of Mercy 2017 |  Catherine's Canonisation Cause: Prayer Requests |  Help Build the Global Mercy Community Online |  Seven Day Celebration Concludes MIRP in Newfoundland |  Report on Stage 4 from MIRP Group in Cairns, Far North Queensland (ISMAPNG) |  Third Friday MIRP Group from Rochester Report on Stage 4 (Americas) |  MIRP Report from Oklahoma City (Americas) |  Mercy Decries Trump Administration’s Orders that Harm Refugees and Immigrants (Americas) |  Mercy Joins Marches for Justice and Peace (Americas) |  The Holocaust and Nostra Aetate: Toward a Greater Understanding (Americas) |  An Ecological Reading of Matthew's Gospel: Part 1 (ISMAPNG) |  Worth Reading |  On This Day |  Baggot St Suite: The Long Line |  Reflection: On Hope |  17 Incredibly Useful Google Products and Services You Didn't Know Existed |  5th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A (Matthew 5:13-16) |  Resources for World Day of Prayer for Consecrated Life | 

January 25, Edition 705

Mercy: A Vision that Continues to Evolve |  Mercy International Association Appointment  |  Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network: The 2017 Intentions |  MIA Prayer Intention: Becoming 'Artisans of Peace' |  Register for 2017 Pilgrimage of Young Mercy Leaders (Secondary School Students) |  Drumshambo/Mohill/ Newtownforbes Cluster Meeting: Stage 4 MIRP (The Congregation) |  Joan of Arc School Staff, Leulumoega, Apia, Samoa, Report on MIRP (ANZ) |  Extreme Temperatures Make Paris Agreement More Necessary than Ever |  More Resources Using Laudato Si' |  RIP: Mary Aquin O'Neill rsm (Americas), Janette Gray rsm (ISMAPNG) |  God is Love: A Journey into the Heart of All Creation (The Congregation) |  Celebrating UNICEF's 70th Anniversary (The Congregation) |  Three Professions in Kenya and a Profession in Australia (The Congregation and ISMAPNG) |  Mercy Career & Technical HS provides launchpad for 21st-century careers (Americas) |  Carlow University Launches Social Justice Institutes Focusing on Gun Violence (Americas) |  Worth Reading |  4th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A (Matthew 5:1-12) |  New Mercy Resource - 'Mercy: Worthy of the Name' |  Pope Francis: Put the Human Person at the Centre of the Economy |  On This Day |  The Best Free Online Courses to Help With Your Finances |  Words of Mercy | 

December 19, Edition 704

Christmas Greetings & Blessings To All |  Christmas Greeting: MIA President |  Christmas Greeting: MIA Board Chair |  Christmas Greeting: MIA Executive Director  |  Christmas Greetings from the Mercy World |  Thank you! |  Reminder: Mercy eNews: Important Dates |  Responding to the Refugee Crisis |  Programs on Offer at MIC |  Mercy Celebrations: Foundation Day, Closure of Jubilee Year, End of MIRP |  Advent from the Perspective of Immigrant Women who are Detained (Americas) |  Further Resources |  25 December 2016 Christmas Year A (Matthew 1:1-21; Luke 2:1-20; John 1:1-18) |  Hope in the Struggle: Christmas Video |  Mercy Apps for Smartphone Users |  On This Day |  Ends and Ongoings |  Google: What the World Searched for in 2016 |