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Invitation: Send in Your Mercy Day Greeting

It's just two weeks till Mercy Day! For many years, Sisters, Associates, Communities, Ministries, Congregations and Institutes, as well as members of the wider Mercy network, have sent in their Mercy Day Greetings for posting on our website. These are widely read and greatly appreciated.

All members and friends of the Mercy family are invited to send in your greetings for posting on our website for Mercy Day. Greetings will be posted online as they are received. We look forward to posting yours!

Greetings - text and image (if desired)- should be sent in by Friday, 21 September to make sure they are published for Mercy Day.

Messages to: Anne Walsh - Mercy eNews Editor



The Conference for Mercy Higher Education (The Americas) wishes all who work in Mercy's name many graces as we celebrate Mercy Day 2018. Serving over 35,000 students, Mercy colleges and universities foster a spirit of Mercy while encouraging attention to a world so much in need.

For a growing snapshot of how our 17-member colleges and universities across the US are commemorating Mercy Day in service and reflection, please visit here:

Dr. Moya K. Dittmeier
Executive Director


Omaha Mercy High would like to wish you a Happy Mercy day

Omaha Mercy is sending you well wishes
for the upcoming Mercy day on
Monday, september Twenty-Fourth.

We are praying and thinking of you amidst
our celebration during this time.

Enjoy a comfortable cup of tea!

Mercy High school
1501 S 48 Street Omaha, NE

Our school's Day of celebration:
September 24, 2018

Download Greeting (PDF)Created by Seniors Kiley Hoge and Maggie Reinard


Celebrating our 60th Mercy Day and Greetings of Peace and Love to our Mercy Family & Friends!

We are reminded this 2018 Mercy Week that God has given us the greatest gift of having the company of one another on our journey. We will continue Catherine McAuley’s legacy of caring and compassion in the name of Mercy and each day embrace one of Maria's core values

Click here to visit us virtually.

Greetings from the Maria College Community in Albany, New York
celebrating 60 Years of Mercy Education: 1958- 2018


Mercy Greetings
to each Sister of Mercy,
Associate of Mercy, partner-in-ministry and co-worker.
Wishing each of you every blessing


Image: Madonna of Mercy


Peace, joy and many rich blessings on Mercy Day,
to all our Sisters, Associates and Partners in Ministry,
from Sister Colette and all the Sisters of the Institute of Our Lady of Mercy, Great Britain.
You will be remembered in prayer.


On Mercy Day we celebrate the opening of the House of Mercy in Dublin, which included the very first Mercy classroom for the very first Mercy students. Though our classrooms are much changed, the rich Mercy charism with which we animate our students is much the same.

We pray: On this Mercy Day 2018, may we remember Catherine McAuley’s passionate commitment to hear the cries of those in need and to respond by connecting them with those who have resources and influence. Refugees, immigrants, those in prison, those who are abused and those experiencing homelessness, as well as students in our schools and patients in our hospitals, all call out to us for Mercy. As people of Mercy, may we recommit to using our resources and influence each day in our efforts to live mercy and seek justice. Amen.

El Día de la Misericordia celebramos la apertura de la Casa de Misericordia en Dublin, que incluyó la primera sala de clase de Misericordia para los primeros estudiantes de Misericordia. Aunque nuestras salas de clase están transformadas, el carisma rico de la Misericordia con que animamos a nuestros estudiantes es prácticamente igual.

Oramos: Este día de la Misericordia 2018, recordemos el compromiso apasionado de Catalina McAuley de escuchar el clamor de los necesitados y de responder por conectarlos con la gente adinerada e influyente. Los refugiados, los inmigrantes, los encarcelados, los abusados y los desamparados, así como los estudiantes en nuestras escuelas y los pacientes en nuestros hospitales, todos nos llaman para recibir la Misericordia. Siendo personas de Misericordia, que volvamos a comprometernos a usar diariamente nuestros recursos y nuestra influencia mientras nos esforzamos a vivir la misericordia y abogar por la justicia. Amén.



Greetings and happy Mercy Day to sisters, associates and friends of Mercy around the world! What a blessing it is to celebrate this Mercy Day and Catherine’s rich legacy this year, when the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas will also honor the way Frances Warde and her six sister companions carried her mission to the U.S. 175 years ago. We humbly accept the call to continue the work of being Mercy for our suffering world each day.


Happy Mercy Day to all our Sisters, Associates, Colleagues, and friends.
God has called us to be mercy following in the footsteps of Catherine McAuley and her love for the poor and underserved.
May we be faithful to Catherine's vision to bring MERCY to a wounded world in our own time and in our respective cultures...and to do all in a spirit of love and joy. Amen

Fran Repka, RSM
Sisters of Mercy of the Americas


A Mercy Day greeting from Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women in Rochester, New York

Blessings to all as we celebrate Mercy Day across countries and continents. The faculty, staff, administration, and students from Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women in Rochester, New York offer our prayers for a holy and happy Mercy Day wherever you are! As we celebrate our Mercy Day Mass here at school we will remember Mercy around the world and give thanks for the legacy that is ours.

Sister Pat Beairsto, Campus Minister


Greetings on this Mercy Day 2018 as we journey together in our understanding of Mercy Global Presence. The call to us from the participants of the Mercy International Reflection Process was to hear the Cry of Earth and Cry of the poor in a new way as we respond by seeing Mercy in a new way and daring Mercy in a new way. Our hopes are:

‘In a world of displacement, Mercy Global Presence will champion inclusion. In a world of degradation of the environment, Mercy Global Presence will realise its oneness in the sacred communion of all creation.’ (MIRP Review 2017 p19).

If we utter aloud the word mercy,
standing, each of us, by an open window
anywhere we are in the world,
then the word mercy will carry on the soundwaves
onwards and unceasing,
through the air of the wounded world.
And maybe, when it takes flight
into deed and kindness, justice and effort,
it will effect a healing, a hope and a blessing.
It may call the homeless home,
it may coax to hope the betrayed and broken,
it may ease the burdened earth.
Listen for it, the repeated word mercy, on this Mercy day,
Listen for its neighbourly dialects and global idiom.
Imagine those who, like you, are saying it aloud,
and those who need to hear it, today- the word- mercy.
One word, one deed of justice, one kind effort at a time.
Creator God, sustainer of life,
Jesus, our companion Word,
Spirit, who, like the air, inspires,
give us the simple daring this day
to say and to be Mercy. (Mary Wickham rsm).

Denise Fox rsm
Chair, Board of Mercy International Association



Across the miles, we here in Colon, Panama, send special greetings and prayers for you, our Sisters and Associates. We thank God for the gift of your lives!
Your sisters Barbara and Dina
and Associates